Graphic Design

Graphic Design

graphic design

Linksol Ltd assists in logo designs, graphics and imaging requirements. We are creative in designing and imaging through the use innovative resources which are amongst the best in the industry. Our members have a wealth of knowledge and expertise which gives us a competitive edge. We provide the following services in graphic designs:

• Design specific logos

• Animated imaging

• Advertisement materials

• Greeting cards

It depends on your requirements and what is integral for your business. We can assist in transforming your existing designs or simply import your designs onto your website using web applications. We are well versed in the use of online software development tools which will provide you with the best designs possible. Our approach is to be as cost effective as possible whilst at the same time providing you with the cutting edge over your competitors.




Static Website

Convey your business products and services on the web through a graphic site.


E-Commerce Website

Put your business online and boost your sale with the benefits and rewards it offers



Need help with your in-house systems? We will scope, design or plan your system.



Whatever your system, whatever your needs, our flexible support team can help.

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